Avner Challenges

Avner's team is skilled and has extensive experience in the field and with different audiences to give the exact response to each and every one

There is a wide range of challenging tourism activities that combine workshops and extreme activities for families and groups

:Rappelling tours& Climbing cliffs
Rappelling trips for groups and individuals. The activity is carried out in nature throughout the country according to the customer's needs and the field conditions

:Private events in nature
.Custom events at customer's request
.Come to celebrate your event, whether it is a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, birthday party or other family event, in a unique way. No one will forget your nature party
Israel Outdoor Activities Rappelling and challenging tours
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Israel Outdoor Activities Rappelling and challenging tours around the country & Events in nature

Rappelling tours& Climbing cliffs | Challenging trips around the country | Private events in nature

?Travelling in Israel and looking for an adventur
Avner Challenges" will organize you your best adventure

:About the company
Avner Shamiah, the owner of the company, is a graduate of the engineering school of Tel Aviv University, also a graduate of the Wingate College for training O.D.T workshops, and a certified instructor in rappelling and cliffs climbing
רחוב מודיעין 2, תל אביב

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